Monday, 20 April 2009


Do you look forward to each day, approaching it with a great expectancy of good things to come? Or do you approach each day in a state of ongoing fear and dread?
The devil uses fear in various forms we don't always recognize to steal our joy and prevent us from living the kind of life God intended.
In the Bible we see God telling people whom He called to do great things to "fear not" so that fear would not stop them from moving forward in His will. Incidently, there are 365 'fear not' references, so one for each day of the year! (No, that doesn't mean you can be afraid one day in a leap year)
The Bible calls 'fear' a spirit (2 Timothy 1v7) which comes after us aggressively, so we cannot defeat it passively.
As the spirit of fear is from the devil, the only way to defeat it is in the power available as a Christian-
1 John 4v4 '...because greater is He (God, the Holy Spirit) that is in you, than he that is in the world (the devil).
The natural man in you won't want to confront the devil but will want to wish away the problem therefore keeping you defeated and deflated on the inside all the time. It's not a wishbone that's needed but backbone to confront the coward that the devil is.
Matthew 11v12 tells us that only an aggressive approach will work. Sometimes God will deliver us from some situations, but in others He anoints us to go through (Psalm 23v4) because He is developing character in us.
Don't be impressed by the problem, be impressed by God's power to overcome it!
We need to resist the devil and he will flee, when we do it God's way. As soon as the symptoms of fear start, confront them in the name and authority that Jesus has given to you as an inheritance.
The devil roams about LIKE a roaring lion (1 Peter 5v8), but He is full of hot air because Jesus, the dentist performed a full mouth clearance i.e. extractions, on him when He gave His life on the cross and descended into hell before ascending to heaven. LOVE IT!!!!! MY HERO!
Faith's attitude is one of leaning on God, trusting and being confident in Him- it is a joyful expectancy of good.
Make up your mind to go after the enemy of your soul and chase him out of your life. He has to flee. He is no match for the firepower of God. Be on guard so that when he's put out, he stays out. Take back your life and discover the destiny God has in store for you.